Seafarers ID and Sea service Book

Seafarers ID and Sea service Book

Issuance / fee of a seaman's book and identification card

Issuance / fee of "Sailor's Book" and "Sailor Identification Card"


Item "K" / Issuance of a Sea service book (issued for 10 years):

- 7th day - 62 GEL

- 5th day - 92 GEL

- 3rd day - 122 GEL

- 24 hours - 152 GEL

- The same day - 182 GEL


Item "K" / Issuance of Seafarer's Identity Document (issued for 5 years):

- 7th day - 23 GEL

- 5th day - 43 GEL

- 3rd day - 63 GEL

- 24 hours - 83 GEL

- The same day - 105 GEL



The following valid documents are required when submitting the application for a sailor's identification card and / or navigation book:

  1.       Payment receipt for sailor's identification card and / or sea service book: 
  1.       Photo - A color biometric photograph taken during the last 6 months from the photo booth of the House of Justice, which covers the face from the chin to the scalp, without glasses and a headscarf. 
  1.       Copy of civil passport with original presentation - photo (personalization) page. 
  1.       Certificate of qualification (work diploma) valid for the current competence o 
  1.       Medical certificate of a valid seafarer - issued by an authorized medical institution. 
  1.       Valid Sailor's Book / Sailor Identification Card - already registered in the Sailors Database. 
  1.       For students (additional) - Written petition of the Georgian Maritime Academy (stating that the student must undergo maritime internships or exercises on board). 
  1.       For foreign students (additional) - Residence certificate; Written petition of the Georgian Maritime Academy. 
  1.       For super independents (additional):     Written petition of a shipping or crewing company registered in Georgia   (indicating that the person is performing the official duties imposed by this company) . 
  1.   Mandatory qualification certificates for the members of the ship's crew - according to the rule "Preparation, issuance and use of the form of a sailor's book 

 For students / cadets, a seafarer 'Sea service book ' is issued free of charge (with 7th day service only), and  Seafarer's Identity Document is issued

 Normally, as a seafarer, a student must present a seafarer's Sea service book and ID card.

A petition from the school stating that he is planning to go on a long-distance voyage.